Grand Gala Dinner

We offer you a unique course meal directed by Michelin star chefs from home and abroad who have captivated the world.

Grand Star Dinner

A Splendid Feast Ever Created by Star Chefs! 

Amazing Night View and a Sumptuous Dinner is Waiting For You.

Michelin Star Chef's Meal Box for COVID-19 Medical Staffs

Social distancing due to COVID-19 has been lifted in two years, and we are gradually returning to normal. 

We owe it to COVID-19 heroes who fought on the frontline of quarantine, including healthcare workers.

To thank them, we prepared a meal box delivery event.

Taste of Korea

Students learned the secret recipe for food from the representative head family cookbook, "Soowoonjapbang."

Master Class

A Michelin star visits Korea International Culinary Arts High School. He is chef Do-yun Kim of Yun Seoul, a Michelin one star restaurant 

that boasts the charm of exquisite and outspoken Korean food with its familiar and bold challenge.