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Four Hands Dinner  


Blending of diverse Asian heritages with new flavors

Tim Raue presents Asian-inspired cuisine that can be characterized 
a blend of Japanese product perfection, Thai aromas, and Chinese culinary philosophy.
Jungsik, Korea's top chef, introduces a new concept of Korean cuisine, 
offering new items that break away from the stereotypes of Korean cooking 
with avant-garde presentation and cooking methods and ingredients 
that are a mixture of Korean and Western styles. 
Two Michelin 2 star chefs blend diverse heritages with 
new flavors from Asia, endorsing new ideas for innovative dishes. 

Tim Raue   &   Jung-sik Lim
        팀 라우에                            임정식               

Place: JUNGSIK, Cheongdam-dong, Seou 

Time: 6pm (Thurs) May 5th , 2016


Exploration of French and Asian modern Gastronomy

Pascal Barbot is the most unconventional three-star Michelin chef in France. 

His cuisine proves that less can actually be more. His dishes contain no hint of the heavy, rich character 

that is usually associated with French cuisine: he uses fresh, regional ingredients 

in place of cream and butter, with even salt and pepper being replaced by herbs and spices. 

Kang Mingoo from Mingles, the 15th spot of Asia's 50 Best Restaurants is 

collabrating to explore the boundaries of French and Asian modern gastronomy.

Pascal Barbot   &   Min-goo Kang

   파스칼 바흐보                        강민구         

Place: Mingles, Cheongdam-dong, Seoul  

Time: 6pm (Sun) May 8th, 2016 


True French Contemporaray Dining Experience at the City's Must See Attraction

Mathieu Viannay, one of the top names in French contemporary cuisine scene, 

experiments with taste, textures and ingredients 'mixing' between 

completely modern cuisine and 'Mère Brazier recipes revisited'. 

Duncan Robertson, the head chef at N Grill, the revolving restaurant on the top floor of the N Seoul Tower, 

collaborates with Mathieu Viannay to bring exquisite French dining experience 

at N Grill, one of the city's must see attractions. 

Mathieu Viannay       &    Duncan Robertson

      매튜 비아네이                                   던컨 로버트슨      

Place: N-Grill, N Seoul Tower 

Time: 7pm (Wed) May 4th , 2016